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Honesty, Integrity and Professionalism
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Angelica has dedicated her entire professional career to public service.  As a Deputy Prosecuting Attorney, an Assistant US Attorney, and now as our Superior Court Judge. While a DPA and AUSA, Angelica served as an active ambassador to the community in advocacy centers, training law enforcement, educating CPS on the criminal justice system, and training other attorneys on how to appropriately and respectfully treat child victims. Due to her expertise in handling child abuse cases, Angelica was nominated to serve as one of two attorneys on the Children’s Justice Task Force.


Angelica is Pierce County’s only Asian-American Superior Court Judge and believes that all people who come before the bench should feel welcome and represented. Outside of work, Angelica spends her time with her husband Jesse, raising their three children (Riley, Maddox and Charley) in Gig Harbor. Having three lively children under the age of 10 means Angelica has a second career, chauffeuring her kids to soccer, basketball, swim, piano, and ballet. In the summer, Angelica and her family enjoy camping all over Washington, enjoying the Ruston waterfront, and going to concerts.


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