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Judicial values are important when electing a judge. You are relying on them to uphold the law with the utmost integrity.

Access to Justice

As Judge, I am steadfastly committed to eliminating barriers that prevent people from understanding and exercising their rights. As part of that mission, I will deliver fair and just outcomes for all parties, whatever the circumstance may be that have brought them to court. Everybody in my courtroom will be treated with dignity and will be given a full and fair opportunity to be heard. 

Loyalty to the Law

As judge, my most important role is to apply the law to the facts, without fear or favor. My personal opinion has no place in my decisions. I will have the humility to recognize that we operate within a system of precedent shaped by other judges and the modesty to be open in the decisional process to the considered views of my colleagues. I will confront every case with an open mind, and decide each case on the record presented, based on the rule of law.

Accountability and Openness

I am committed to serving as an effective and responsible steward of the taxpayers' dollars that are entrusted to Pierce County. I will work diligently and efficiently to ensure cases are appropriately handled. I will communicate with the public openly and candidly. With a goal of continuously improving trust in the bench, I will actively seek outside views and be responsive to requests for information.

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